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        Tuesday @ the Almanac


        Girls first Game, Moorabbin: Image by Kate Birrell

        The AFLW is back and with it some of our finest writers.

        Read our coverage of the opening of the season including E. Regnans’ piece on the ghosts of Victoria Park. HERE.


        AFLW 2020Round 1

        Richmond 2.2.14 d by Carlton 6.12.48
        GWS 1.3.9 d Gold Coast 1.2.8
        Melbourne 3.4.22 d North Melbourne 3.2.20
        Brisbane 5.4.34 d Adelaide 3.3.21
        Collingwood 5.8.38 d West Coast 1.5.11
        St Kilda 2.2.14 d by Western Bulldogs 6.3.39
        Fremantle 6.8.44 d Geelong 4.4.28


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        AFLW Round 1 – Collingwood v West Coast Eagles (Haiku Bob): A blaze of sunshine

        A summer’s day, women’s footy, first match of the season, gloriously captured as only Haiku Bob can.

        AFLW Round 1 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Old Ground, New Life

        Kate Birrell captures the atmosphere of the Round 1 AFLW match, St Kilda v Bulldogs, in her inimitable style through both print and image.

        Sports Rorts II – A case of very bad politics not good policy

        Greg Blood has contributed to the national coversation on sports policy for decades and here he delves deeply into the most recent Sports Rorts saga.

        Aspiring Young Writers’ Group: Ignition

        In Ben Kirkby’s latest column the writers make a pact.

        “Backlift!” an ode to the Prince who strode onto Junction Oval for the best of causes

        Some of the old VFL grounds played host to spirited contests with plenty of goodwill in the stands this weekend, but only the Junction Oval featured cricket and pleasingly for those who loved watching his peerless strokes, the Prince of Port of Spain himself, Brian Lara.

        AFLW Round 1 – Collingwood v West Coast: Eagles flying higher than ever before

        Cathi Johnston felt a sense of mild confusion when she put on her Eagles gear in the middle of summer – it didn’t last long as the sense of occasion and camaraderie with fellow West Coast fans took over for their first game in the big league, hosted by a strong and experienced Collingwood (who took the chocolates).

        AFLW Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Blues too seasoned for raw Tigers

        The Blues were too slick for the Tigers in the AFLW season opener. But John Butler wonders why there was no ”Unleash the Geish” merch?

        AFLW Round 1 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Doggies demonstrate experience in front of the newcomer Saints

        Yoshi (our Japanese correspondent) is a true Sainter and here he tells us of the special moment when footy returned to Moorabbin and the St Kilda side played its first AFLW match. He watched from a Starbucks not far from the famous Heian Shrine in Kyoto. [Heartfelt – Ed.]

        AFLW Round 1 – Collingwood v West Coast: Waking the ghosts of Collingwood Flat

        Victoria Park on the Collingwood Flat is a place of Collingwood memory. David Wilson felt that the ghosts were awoken in AFLW Round 1.

        AFLW Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Blues come away with a mature opening win in Richmond’s valiant debut

        In the opening game of the AFLW season, Carlton were too good for a gallant Richmond side making its debut. Sean Mortell reports.

        AFLW: An unauthorized season primer (Part 2)

        In the second part of his AFLW4 preview, John Butler looks at the competing clubs.

        Almanac Footy Teams: A side from behind The Iron Curtain

        Glen! has picked a side of footballers whose parents come from countries behind Winston Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’.

        AFLW Season 2020 – Round 1: Fixture

        The AFLW 2020 season kicks off this weekend, and it should be a ripper! Check out the Round 1 fixture, and also the details for joining the Footy Almanac AFLW 2020 Tipping Comp.

        AFLW4: An unauthorized season primer (Part 1)

        For those who may not have been keeping up, John Butler gets you up to speed for the AFLW season. (Opinions are his, definitely not the AFL’s -Ed).

        AFLW Season 2017 – Round 1 Revisited

        AFLW begins again on Friday night. As a way to get you in the mood, you might like to revisit how the Footy Almanac covered the competition’s opening round back in 2017.

        Join the club: become an Almanac member for 2020

        As we gear up for the start of footy season, it’s time to consider becoming an Almanac member. Or you might like to become a patron, or a sponsor/advertiser.

        A sustainable Almanac? $5 on the 5th of every month

        It’s a while since this letter from Dips O’Donnell was first posted. Worth reading the comments which have been added since:

        Dips O’Donnell is the Almanac’s accountant. This letter explains his way of keeping the Almanac going.

        His approach is in keeping with his unheralded genius. He’s inviting readers to make a regular contribution on one day each month. He suggests $5 on the 5th or $6 on the 6th or, in general terms, $x on the xth for all x <=28. (Memberships and one-off contributions are also welcome).

        Kansas City – not a part of Kansas: a historical look on the ups and downs of a great American town

        Sean Mortell examines the background history of the Kansas City Chiefs who came from behind for a stunning victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 2020.

        Almanac Footy Tipping in 2020

        We have three tipping comps for the 2020 footy season: the standard AFL tipping comp where you pick the winner of each game, and the ever-intriguing, time-honoured AFL Tip the Top 8 competition and the AFLW tipping comp. Join now. All welcome. Spread the word.

        Man Hating …… Cow

        Anne Cahill Lambert is disappointed by the tired old misogynist rants towards women that have no place in today’s society, but unfortunately continue to receive media attention. [I’m with you all the way ACL! – Col]

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